La Unidad Para Siempre, Hermanos

So much has happened in our world and in our organization this year. Now, more than ever, remaining connected and engaged is critical to our overall well being and to ensure the future of our organization.

We have much to discuss and much to plan for the remainder of this year and into 2021. We are pleased to announce that this year’s Brotherhood Convention will be virtual. We will host the Lambda Virtual Convention July 20 - 26, 2020. We are excited about what is planned for our time together and we look forward to the participation of as many Hermanos as possible from 1982 to present. I want as close to 500 Hermanos participating, as possible.

This year’s theme is “It Starts With Us”. The idea is that our success as an organization, our sustainability, and how we respond to an every-changing and unprecedented time for us as an organization (social justice and racism, pandemic, allegations) starts with us. I firmly believe that how we prepare for and respond to these will redefine us as an organization and ensure a stronger future as leaders in the community.

Hermano Gearge Bouldin Gates
National Council President

2020 National convention Agenda

July 20 -24 (10am PST/1pm EST)

Lambda Lunch Series Hosted by
LUL Service & Education Fund (LULSEF)

Friday, July 24 (4pm PST/7pm EST)

Hermano Manny Gomez, Neophytes, Graduating Class of 2020, & Lambda Scholars

State of the Fraternity

Fraternal Awards
Regional Hermano Excellence & Hermano Hernando Londoño Award for Philanthropy & Community Service

Brotherhood & Bonding Happy Hour (6 PST/9 EST)

Saturday, July 25

Welcome/Check-in (9AM PST/12PM EST)

Voto Latino (9:30AM PST/12:30PM EST)

“Workshop & Guided Discussion: Sexual Misconduct 101, Trauma & Reporting” (9:45AM PST/12:45PM EST)

Presented by RAINN

“De-stigmatizing Mental Health & Stress: Practical Tools for Managing Stress in Our Lives” (10:55AM PST/1:55PM EST)
Presented by Hermano Hemanth Venkataraman

Fraternal Awards (12:40 PST/3:40 EST)
Hermano Jesse Mejia Award for Undergraduate Hermano of the Year & Hermano Ruben D. Rodriguez Award for Hermano of the Year

Q&A / Evaluations (1 PST/4 EST)


Para Siempre Ceremony - Alumni Only (4 PST/7 EST)

Brotherhood & Bonding Happy Hour (6 PST/9 EST)

Sunday, July 26

Welcome/Check-in (9AM PST/12PM EST)

[WE ARE] LiVE Initiative (9:30AM PST/12:30PM EST)

Fraternal Awards (10:55AM PST/1:55PM EST)
La Copa Dorada & El Escudo Dorado

BOD Elections (11:15AM PST/2:15PM EST)

Q&A Evaluations (11:45AM PST/2:45PM EST)

Break and Transition to Regional Updates (12 PST/3 EST)
RVPs and Chapters


Please nominate an Hermano and/or chapter for the following awards:

  1. Regional Hermano Excellence
  2. Hernando Londoño Award for Philanthropy & Community Service
  3. Jesse Mejia Award for Undergraduate of the Year
  4. Ruben Rodriguez Award for Hermano of the Year
  5. La Copa Dorada - Undergraduate Chapter of the Year
  6. El Escudo Dorado - Graduate Chapter of the Year

Submissions are due by July 19th, 2020

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Board of Directors Candidate Form

The Board of Directors serve as the governing body of La Fraternidad.
It is charged with its growth through alumni development, fundraising and strategic planning.

Interested candidates should submit applications for BOD by July 19, 2020.
Please review the BOD candidate criteria in the application form.

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